Our business strives to provide the personalized experience you deserve.  By remaining as small company, we are able to maintain an unparalleled level of quality and detail that simply cannot be provided by larger growth-oriented companies. We see each tour not as an opportunity to grow our bottom line, but as an opportunity to share the joy and beauty of the national parks in an entertaining, educational, and memorable way. We take pride in specializing in  customized private tours, and make every effort to accommodate your special interests and requests -- including fun for kids of all ages!












Our Unmatched Amenities

We are unmatched in the Jackson Hole area, for the amenities and service we offer.  These are exceedingly nice extras that make any tour more comfortable and enjoyable, especially on the full day excursions. 

Flexible and Private Group Tour Design
Tours are customized to fit your private group’s specific interests and needs as they might change throughout the day.  Our Mercedes-Sprinter van can accommodate a group of up to 9 passengers, but vehicles can be chartered for larger groups.  We have extensive experience with large bus groups, children, and guests with reduced mobility.

Tour Preparation
You will receive information to help you prepare for your tour in advance.  The night before, the guide will also call you to confirm departure time, answer questions, and inquire if you wish to make any adjustment in the tour plan.
Teaching Aids
To incorporate hands-on learning, we provide extensive teaching aids available for use during the tours.  These include:  Binoculars, spotting scope, antler and horn samples, animal pelt swatches, footprint molds, skulls, photos, pamphlets, books, maps, educational films, games, costumes, etc.

For the Kids
For entertainment during the tour, kids of all ages will enjoy the games, books, puppets, stuffed animals, videos, and surprises we offer.  Wildlife checklist, game packet, and a special parting token is given to each child as well.

Convenience Items
For your convenience we make available such items as umbrellas, tissues, wet-wipes, hand lotion, hand sanitizer, sunscreen, bug-spray, loaner hats/coats/blankets/pillow, and walking poles.  Cool hand towels are also provided upon your return from a warm summer walk. 
Extra Services
We provide assistance with photography, celebrating special occasions, and accommodating special requests, such as relaxing by the riverside or museum visits.  We provide multiple day excursions, independent “step-on” guiding, and charter services.  We can also help with your vacation planning.  Please visit the “Extra Services” web page for more information.

Guide at your service
We offer information and guidance throughout the day, as you desire.  Other tour companies will often leave you to walk without guidance along sightseeing boardwalks and/or leave you on your own through the 1½ hr cycle waiting for the next Old Faithful Geyser eruption.  We make our service available to you all day.

Special Picnic Table Setting
In the summer, on the National Park excursions, if you choose to have a picnic lunch and if weather permits, you can enjoy a scenic stroll while your guide sets a special picnic table, which includes a tablecloth, cloth napkins, glass plates, silverware, moist hand towels, cutting board, salt/pepper, mints, and bench covers.  If a picnic is not desired, restaurant dining is available.

Bottled water and light snacks, such as granola bars, fruit, and candy, are offered for a quick energy boost during the tour.  Hot beverages, such as tea, coffee, and hot cocoa are also provided.  Although lunch and other beverages are not provided, requests for this service can be accommodated at an additional charge. 


(fun facts:  Among all 50 U.S. states Wyoming ranks: 9th in size, 50th in population -- only 5 people per square mile!  Only 3% of the land in the Jackson Hole area is privately owned.)