Our business strives to provide the personalized experience you deserve.  By remaining as small company, we are able to maintain an unparalleled level of quality and detail that simply cannot be provided by larger growth-oriented companies. We see each tour not as an opportunity to grow our bottom line, but as an opportunity to share the joy and beauty of the national parks in an entertaining, educational, and memorable way. We take pride in specializing in  customized private tours, and make every effort to accommodate your special interests and requests -- including fun for kids of all ages!
















Our Commitment to Excellence

Distinctive Experiences for All Ages
Ana’s Grand Excursions was created with the intent to provide a truly entertaining, educational and memorable vacation experience, where the beauty and wonders of nature are revealed through fun and interactive learning.  Our small size and expertise allow us to provide you with an uncommon experience of detail and service! 
We are unmatched in Jackson Hole and GUARANTEE our quality.

Environmentally Conscious
We strive to be an environmentally friendly and conscious business and commit our best efforts, toward minimal impact and sustainability. By using BioDiesel in our vehicles we are decreasing our use of petroleum. By recycling plastic bottles and using refillable water containers, we decrease waste.  By providing organic and healthy snack options we support a more chemical free lifestyle.  By using local services and products, when possible and practical, we help to support our local economy.

Standard of Excellence
Due to our commitment to the highest standards, we are proud to be recommended and partnered with the most discriminating concierge services in Jackson Hole.
Luxury Resorts include:  the Four Seasons Resort, Amangani, Hotel Terra
Residence Clubs:  Ultimate Resort, Quintess, Exclusive Resort, Abercrombie & Kent


(fun facts:  Wyoming, known as the “Equality State”, was the first state to:  give women full voting rights in 1869; have a woman justice of the peace in 1879; allow women to serve on a jury in 1879; have the first all-female city council in 1920; have a woman governor in 1925.)