Our business strives to provide the personalized experience you deserve.  By remaining as small company, we are able to maintain an unparalleled level of quality and detail that simply cannot be provided by larger growth-oriented companies. We see each tour not as an opportunity to grow our bottom line, but as an opportunity to share the joy and beauty of the national parks in an entertaining, educational, and memorable way. We take pride in specializing in  customized private tours, and make every effort to accommodate your special interests and requests -- including fun for kids of all ages!







Our Exceptionally Qualified Guides

Our commitment to excellence includes providing you with an experienced, entertaining and knowledgeable tour guide. 

Ana V Rode
Our principal tour guide and planner, Ana Rode, is proud to have designed and guided tours for the leading hotels and event management companies in Jackson Hole.  Her enthusiasm, entertaining style, and expertise assist you to appreciate nature’s beauty, make learning a pleasure, and allow you to relax and have fun.  Her guiding experience, extensive educational background*, and broad knowledge base** allow her to provide you with a rewarding guided tour experience.  As a year-round local resident and outdoor enthusiast, you’ll find her vacation-planning advice invaluable.

*  National Park Service, Teton Science School, JH Historical Society, JH Avalanche,
JH Land Trust, University of Colorado, EMT, Professional Ski Instructors of America,
Grand Targhee Resort Volunteer Ski Patrol, etc.
**  geology, local social history, wildlife, outdoor activities, photography, first aid,
environmental and architectural design, winter safety, ski instruction, etc.


(fun facts:  In 1782, during the voting to determine our national bird, the eagle won by only one point over the wild turkey.  Benjamin Franklin, the champion of thrift, hard work and fair dealing, was a supporter for the turkey because it was a more noble bird, a new world bird [the Bald Eagle is found in Europe as well as the Americas] and an important food source for the pilgrims.  The bald eagle scavenged and stole for its food and was a coward, easily driven away without a fight.)