Our business strives to provide the personalized experience you deserve.  By remaining as small company, we are able to maintain an unparalleled level of quality and detail that simply cannot be provided by larger growth-oriented companies. We see each tour not as an opportunity to grow our bottom line, but as an opportunity to share the joy and beauty of the national parks in an entertaining, educational, and memorable way. We take pride in specializing in  customized private tours, and make every effort to accommodate your special interests and requests -- including fun for kids of all ages!






Our Ideal Touring Vehicle

Mercedes-powered Sprinter Van
We will tour in the distinctive Mercedes-powered Sprinter van -- an ideal sight-seeing vehicle, with elevated seats, large windows, and integrated shoulder harnesses that offer safety without obstructing your view.  Our Sprinter has been upgraded to include an added entry step for your convenience and video monitors for watching educational films if desired.  Its 6’ high ceiling allows room to walk upright, instead of hunching over to access the rear, as is usually necessary in a SUV or standard van.  Spacious enough to sit 9 comfortably, it is small enough to access areas where busses are not allowed to travel.  Furthermore, its bio-diesel fuel compatibility and high fuel-efficiency helps reduce impact on the natural habitats we visit. 

For your comfort and enjoyment, the van will be stocked with many essential tour necessities which include tissue, lotion, hand sanitizer, sunscreen, bug spray as well as loaner hats/coats/gloves, blankets/pillows, educational samples, binoculars, a library of books & videos, a kid’s entertainment box, maps, a first aid kit, and a fire extinguisher.

During the summer season, the rear air conditioning and tinted windows keep you comfortable in the summer heat.  During the winter season, the spacious interior allows room to dress and store equipment inside and studded snow tires combined with anti-skid technology add confidence on the road. 


(fun facts:  The Yellowstone fires in the summer of 1988 burned more than 793,000 acres or 36% of the park.  $120 million was spent and 25,000 people participated in fighting effort, the largest in US history.)