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Pricing does not include meals, NP Entry Fees
3% NP taxes, added activities, and optional gratuities.
Please see important details in the pricing notes.

Summer Tour Rates


  1. TOUR PRICING:  Private tours are customized for up to 9 passengers, with an initial base price which includes the first 4 guests.  Group tours, if offered, are no larger than 7 passengers, with a 4 person minimum.    Tours originate in Jackson Hole.  For private groups larger than 9 passengers, please request a quote for chartered vehicle & ‘step-on’ guide.  A 3% National Park Commercial Use tax will be added to all pricing.

· 5« rated experience:  Consistent Certificate of Excellence rating on  
· Ana your guide13yrs experience guiding in Jackson Hole, Naturalist, Entertainer & CPR/1stAid Certified
· Mercedes-Sprinter van:  THE IDEAL touring vehicle… with standing room, elevated seating, large views, DVD screen
· Helpful information:  Jackson Hole activities and tour preparation handout will be provided
· Pre-tour phone call:  “check in” phone call to confirm departure, answer questions & request snack/drink options
· Quality Optics:  variety of viewing optics, including auto focus binoculars, spotting scope & night vision
· YNP Hiking Permit:  By special permit, “off-boardwalk” trails can be incorporated in YNP tours, as time, physical ability and interests permit.
· Snacks:  abundant variety available for all ages, with healthy, organic & any requested options
· Refreshments:  bottled water, hot beverage service & afternoon “bubbly” cold beverage service & any requested options
· Educational Aids:  Hands-on learning: specimen samples & molds, field guides, maps, book & DVD library
· Personal Amenities:  forgot something?: sunscreen, tissue, lotions, bug spray, umbrellas, pillows, mittens, first aid… you name it
· Elegant picnic setup:  Dine in style with linen, plates, silverware, glassware, bench covers, etc. (enclosed & restaurant options available)
· Souvenirs:  water bottles, children's activity booklet, parting gifts
· Lunch Option:  lunch can be provided for additional fees
· Pick-up:  at your service for pick-up at your requested location
· GUARANTEE:  If not delighted, guiding portion of tour fees will be refunded…Guaranteed!

  1. DOES NOT INCLUDE:  personal park entry fees, meals, 3% National Park Use Tax, optional gratuities, additional activities, or excessive vehicle cleaning fees.
  2. ADDITIONAL TOUR HOURS:  Please be on time for scheduled departures suggested by the guide throughout the day.  Client delays which cause tours to exceed 12 hrs from scheduled pick-up time, will be charged for each additional 30 minutes.  In the interest of safely and an “on time” return, the guide will make every effort to manage the schedule and may need to make adjustments for construction, wildlife crossings, road closures, etc.
  3. REFUNDS:  If you are not delighted with your tour, the guiding portion of your tour will be refunded.  Remember, however that we are touring through nature, which is not a museum or zoo.  Inclement weather or circumstances out of our control, such as weather, lack of wildlife, road closures, construction or wildlife delays, etc, are not considered refundable, if the roadways are accessible.  Cancellations for personal emergencies will be reviewed on case by case basis.   
  4. 6. CANCELLATION FEES:   Credit card information will be required to hold tour date. No charges processed unless cancellation occurs… within 2 weeks of departure a $200 fee; within 1 week of departure 50% of booking; within 72 hrs 75%; within 48hrs 100%. Special cancellation policies apply to subcontracted services, such as bus charters, activities, box lunches, etc. If a tour has begun and road closures or client personal emergencies require tours to return to Jackson unexpectedly, tours will be billed hourly. 
  5. CHILDREN:  An excessive vehicle cleaning fee may be charged for groups with children. Age 3 and under ride free.  Booster & car seat available with advanced notice.  NPS “junior ranger” program available with full day tours.
  6. ACTIVITY LEVEL:  All scenic stops require a walk for view experience. For visitors who have difficulty with mobility, high altitudes or walking ½ mile or 20mins, a wheel chair &/or portable oxygen is recommended… available with advanced notice & an additional fee. All efforts will be made to accommodate groups with mixed levels of physical abilities.
  7. AGREEMENTS:  All participants are required to sign a Tour Participation Agreement which includes to follow NP, vehicle & safety rules & regulations. Firearms are not allowed on commercial vehicles.
  8. OVERNIGHTS: Guide’s accommodations added to bill.  Service fee added for booking client’s accommodations.
  9. STEP-ON GUIDE service:  A guide who accompanies you in your personal, rental or charter vehicle, will provide tour amenities as extra space allows. A cooler of water is provided for bus tours. Food & drinks are not included but available for an additional fee. SOG hourly rates are used to calculate "guiding service" refund guarantee
  10. OPTIONS & MISC:  Please inquire if you have any questions about multi-day tours, YNP trail hiking, special activities, bus charters, 'step-on' guides, wedding services, wine & cheese, concierge services,, 'Junior Ranger' program, and special celebrations.
  11. GUARANTEE:  If you are not delighted, the "guiding service" portion of your tour fees will be refunded.

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park (YSNP)

GROUP TOUR (4 person minimum)
Complete YSNP Lower Loop Tour:  12 hours
Per person: Mixed Group Tours not currently provided

Partial YSNP Lower Loop Tour:  (Geyser Basin OR Canyon Areas )  10 hours
Base price:  $1,500           
Added passengers:  $200 ea (5th-7th); $55 (8th&9th) 

Complete YSNP Lower Loop Tour:  12 hours
Base price: $1,600            
Added passengers:   $200 ea (5th-7th); $55 (8th&9th) 

YSNP Lower Loop w/ GTNP bonus Tour:  13 hours
Base price: $1,700            
Added passengers:   $200 ea (5th-7th); $55 (8th&9th) 

YSNP Backcountry Lake Experience & Grand Teton Highlight Tour:  11 hours
Half Day Grand Teton tour with a boat tour to the secluded Yellowstone backcountry. 
2-3 people – please ask for quote
Please inquire about details.  Parties of 2-3 only – weight restrictions apply.                             
Exclusively Offered by Ana’s Grand Excursions in conjunction with A.J. Derosa’s Wood Boat Tours

Grand Teton National Park

Grand Teton National Park (GTNP)

GTNP Full-day Comprehensive Tour:  approx. 8 hours
Per Person: Mixed Group Tours not currently provided

GTNP Half-day Highlight Tour:  approx. 5 hours
Base price:  $850              
Added passengers:   $130 ea (5th-7th); $45 (8th&9th) 

GTNP Full-day Comprehensive Tour:  approx. 8 hours
Base price:  $1,100

Added passengers:   $200 ea (5th-7th); $50 (8th&9th)

Wolf & Grizzly Discovery Center

Wolf & Grizzly Discovery Center
Travel to the Wolf & Grizzly Discovery Center passes through the Old Faithful/Geyser Basin areas in YSNP and requires approximately the same time as a Yellowstone Lower Loop tour.  Entry fee and (optional) bear feeding fees are not included.
Discovery Center Tour:  approx. 12  hours
Base price:  $1,600           
Added passengers:  $200 ea (5th-7th); $55 (8th&9th) 

Discovery Center with GTNP bonus Tour:  approx. 13 hours
Base price:  $1,700           

Added passengers:  $200 ea (5th-7th); $55 (8th&9th)
A Day of
Family Fun

Family Fun Day
Let us organize a unique and memorable day for families with children of all ages! 
Base price:  $175/hr  (4 people with 4 hr min)
Added passengers:   $130 ea (5th-7th); $45 (8th&9th)         
Price does not include fees for various activities requested during the day.

Please request a specific quote, based on those activities of interest. 

Junior Ranger Program

“Junior Ranger” Program
National Park “Junior Ranger” Program is incorporated into our existing tours. 
A multi-day tour is required to complete the program.

$5 per participant covers workbook, souvenir patch, and “graduation” photo with ranger.

Boat Cruise
On Jenny Lake

Jenny Lake Boat Cruise
The Jenny Lake Patio Boat Cruise can be incorporated into our existing GTNP tours, as a sunset cruise, floating picnic table, private charter, or hiking shuttle.  Please inquire about current boat rates, additional tour hour fees which may apply, and refreshment/meal services which can be provided.

Evening With Elk

An Evening with Bison & Elk – fall season (Sept/Oct) only
Evening with the Elk Tour:  approx. 4 hours
Base price:  $750     

Added passengers:   $100 ea (5th-7th); $75 (8th&9th) 

‘Step-on’ Guide
Your private guide steps onto and rides along in your private or chartered vehicle.
See “extra services” for more information.  Tour amenities provided as space allows.

$115 per hour  - 5 hour minimum
(fun facts:  Thermophile are organisms which thrive at relatively high temperatures and live in Yellowstone’s protected hot springs. Some extreme thermophiles require a very high temperature (176°F/80°C to 221°F/105°C) for growth.  Studing thermophiles living, in the protected hotsprings in Yellowstone, has lead to scientific discoveries such as the missing link for DNA testing and a cleaner way to burn coal.)
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