All tours are private and customized to meet your needs and special requests,
such as Photography, Special Occasions, Special Interests,
Multiple Tours, “Step-on” Guiding, and Charter Service.
We’re specialists in creative planning and taking care of details
and will try to help with any service you might need.








Independent “step-on” Guide

A “Step-on Guide" accompanies a private or commercial vehicle.
You tour in the vehicle of your choice, such as a rental car, limousine, RV, and bus, while receiving the same guiding expertise, offered in our custom park tours.  Depending on group size and available space, a multitude of our tour amenities will be provided.  We have experience on most vehicles and will assist to procure appropriate vehicles for your group.
Receiving the benefits of a private guided experience while providing an ideal alternative for your budget, this service is available for all tours.


(fun facts:  The Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem is one of the largest intact temperate-zone ecosystems on Earth today.  It holds one of the largest elk herds in North America, the largest free-roaming wild herd of bison [buffalo] in the U.S., and holds one of two grizzly populations in the contiguous U.S.)