All tours are private and customized to meet your needs and special requests,
such as Photography, Special Occasions, Special Interests,
Multiple Tours, “Step-on” Guiding, and Charter Service.
We’re specialists in creative planning and taking care of details
and will try to help with any service you might need.










Special Interests

Topics of Interest
Although our guides are highly knowledgeable, please advise if you have specific topics of interests you may wish to explore more deeply.

Local stops at museums and display centers may be included, which have extensive and specialized information and artifacts on display. 
Exhibited themes in the area might include: 

Native American history; Settlement of Jackson Hole: Trappers, Homesteaders, Dude Ranchers; Geology: Yellowstone Volcano, Earthquakes, Glaciers, Hydro/Geothermal; Wildlife: birds, wolves, grizzly bears, big horn sheep; Art work & crafts; Early YSNP Tourism, Fire Management.

Other stops, near the local area, can be accommodated but would require an overnight stay.  Such areas might include:

Buffalo Bill’s Historical Center incorporates 5 museums under one roof:  Western Art, Plains Indians, Natural History, Firearms, the Buffalo Bill story.  This extensive center is located 180 miles North East of Jackson, in Cody Wyoming.

Mammoth Hot Springs area displays formations resembling frozen waterfalls, which are born when hot water ascends through limestone deposits and creates travertine terraces.  These rarer hot springs are located 150 miles North of JacksonFort Yellowstone is also located here, now a museum dedicated to honoring the period of the army’s protection of Yellowstone prior to the establishment of the National Park Service.

Yellowstone’s hot springs and pools are protected and not suitable for swimming, as most are too hot to touch!  However, options do exist for swimming in certain lakes & rivers.  Please advise if there is interest.  Brief stops for swimming can be incorporated into most tours, but towels are not provided and guests take responsibility to swim at their own risk.
(side note:  if you are traveling North through Mammoth, be sure to stop for a swim at the Boiling River near the Montana border)

(fun facts:  In most parts of the world, the earth’s crust is 25 miles thick, but in Yellowstone, it is perhaps 2-6 miles thick.  The temperatures 3 miles beneath the earths surface is a moderate 300°F, but in Yellowstone, this same temperature is found only 400 feet down)