All tours are private and customized to meet your needs and special requests,
such as Photography, Special Occasions, Special Interests,
Multiple Tours, “Step-on” Guiding, and Charter Service.
We’re specialists in creative planning and taking care of details
and will try to help with any service you might need.



Photography Services

During your memorable tour experience, relax and let us worry about capturing those special scenic photos, family moments, and candid shots.
For a lifetime of memories, the best moments of the day are provided to you in CD format.  Photos and short video clips will be taken with a Panasonic Lumix digital camera, with 12x zoom.  Compositions will range from scenic locations, wildlife, and group members in posed and candid shots.  With your family all together and in a beautiful setting, may we suggest taking your holiday photo.  We’ll even provide the Santa Hats.


(fun facts:  The 1871 Hayden Survey into Yellowstone gave the world visual proof of the area’s unique curiosities through the paintings of Thomas Moran and the photographs of William Henry Jackson.  As a professional and pioneer photographer of the 1870’s, Jackson used “wet-plate” or collodion processing, which required performing all the necessary operations on site.  This meant hauling cartloads of equipment weighing up to 120lbs to the scene including two or three cameras as big as some televisions sets, as many as 100 glass plates for negative, a variety of lenses and tripods, a darkroom tent and glass chemical jugs.  Unlike today’s split-second process, Jackson’s photography method averaged forty-five minutes for a single shot!)