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Please review our suggestions for enjoying your tour,
preparing for tours, and activities to-do while visiting Jackson Hole.

One of our goals is to help you make the most of your experience in Jackson Hole. This website is not only to provide information about our services but also to pioneer a resource and tool to help you plan a rewarding and memorable vacation.   Our most important suggestion, however, is that you consider a guided tour.  A personal guide is invaluable for the immediate explanation, making the best use of your limited time, and for eliminating worry about details.
Budgets do not always provide for this luxury and for those, this website offers our insights. 
Please feel free to share your ideas with us, for further improvement of this website.

General Tips to Enjoy Your Tour

Choose Tours Wisely

Pick the tour provider best suited for you
In choosing the most appropriate tour, consider your available time, budget, personal needs as well as the company’s guide and vehicle. 
Use Your Time Efficiently Take time and use it efficiently
To have a comfortable experience while departing from Jackson, Yellowstone loop tours require 12+ hours and Grand Teton half day tours require 5+ hours.  Although Yellowstone tours quickly pass through Grand Teton, separate tours will enhance the experience of both parks.  Group tours follow the speed of the slowest guest and minimize personal attention and flexibility.  Consider booking a customized private tour, or if you are on a budget, hire a “step-on” guide to accompany you in your own vehicle.  We offer both of these private tour options.
Check Guide's Qualifications Know your guide’s qualifications
Beware, not all guides have training, experience or certifications.  Choose your tour company wisely.  Our guides are highly qualified, licensed, and has designed and guided tours for the leading hotels and event management companies in the Jackson Hole area. 
Consider the Vehicle Consider the touring vehicle
Smaller vehicles require maneuvering to rear seats.  Larger vans may have uncomfortable bench seats with view-obstructing shoulder harnesses.  Busses diminish personal attention and have restricted access into some areas.  Our Sprinter van has a 6' high interior, big windows, and elevated seating with unobstructed views for 7 plus 2 center seats. 
Know Extras Provided Know what is provided for you
Our tours include the commercial park fee, water, binoculars/scope, reference materials, umbrellas, personal convenience items, and special offerings such as hands-on samples, special picnic table settings, optional photography services, and extras for children. 
You will need to provide your own lunch, personal park entry pass, jacket, comfortable shoes, camera and a smile.
(fun facts:  In 1902 President Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt was on a hunting trip.   A captured bear cub was offered to Roosevelt, which he declined, deeming it "unsporting.”  His act of mercy was caricatured in a cartoon and later created into a toy known as the “teddy bear”.)
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