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Please review our suggestions for enjoying your tour,
preparing for tours, and activities to-do while visiting Jackson Hole.

One of our goals is to help you make the most of your experience in Jackson Hole. This website is not only to provide information about our services but also to pioneer a resource and tool to help you plan a rewarding and memorable vacation.   Our most important suggestion, however, is that you consider a guided tour.  A personal guide is invaluable for the immediate explanation, making the best use of your limited time, and for eliminating worry about details.
Budgets do not always provide for this luxury and for those, this website offers our insights. 
Please feel free to share your ideas with us, for further improvement of this website.

Preparing for Your Summer Tour

Pre-Tour Contact

Pre-Tour Phone Call
Prior to your tour, please review our related suggestions and information.  Your guide will typically call you the night before to confirm departure time, answer questions, and inquire as to your interests and needs in order to customize your tour.  It is recommended that tours begin between 6:30 – 7:00 A.M., especially the full-day Yellowstone tours. An early departure will increase chances to see the wildlife, provide for photographs of the morning sun beautifully illuminating the Teton Range, and will begin the tour ahead of traffic.   Please feel free to call anytime if questions arise before the tour.
Meals Meals
Eating breakfast before a full day tour is highly recommended.  Due to a variety of personal tastes, meals are not provided by Ana’s Grand Excursions.  For your lunch, a picnic is highly recommended to minimize delays and improve the flow of the tour.  In such a case, a very special table setting will be provided and set up by the guide for your convenience.  Picnic lunches can be pre-ordered from your hotel, or purchased at deli counters within the park.  Other dining options are also available within the park, but often have slow service and inconsistent quality.  Please advise your guide of your lunch preferences and if a cooler is required. 
Refreshments Refreshments
Bottled water, hot beverages, and some light snacks, such as granola bars, fruit, candy, are provided for a quick energy boost during the tour.  There are several areas to stop where you may purchase additional snacks, including ice cream.
Alcohol Alcoholic Beverages
The National Park incorporates a strict alcohol policy.  Absolutely no open containers are permitted in vehicles and in some public areas.  Alcoholic beverages, such as beer or wine, are permitted for picnics, as long as all open containers are disposed of properly.  If you wish to enjoy such beverages during your picnic lunch, feel free to purchase them the night before the tour as the selection is limited within the park.  Please be aware that all open containers will be disposed of after the picnic.  Please advise if wine glasses are required.
Weather & Alititude Variable Summer Weather & High Altitude
Please be prepared for high altitude and variable weather conditions as Jackson Hole lies above 6,400ft, and parts of Yellowstone above 8,000ft.  Avoid dehydration and altitude sickness by drinking plenty of water and avoiding alcohol.  Avoid sun damage by wearing sunblock, sunglasses, and a hat.  Dress in layers and bring jackets, long pants, sunglasses, hats, and other suitable attire for possible changing weather. We suggest layers of clothing due to the unpredictability of weather.  Hail and snow can occur any time of the year.  We offer umbrellas and a small supply of loaner hats/coats, but these should supplement your own items.
Physical Activity Physical Activity
Upon arrival to Jackson, allow time to acclimate to the high altitude environment by not scheduling strenuous activities immediately.  For National Park tours, please be prepared for short walks by wearing comfortable shoes.  Walks will be on concrete, elevated walk ways, or level dirt paths and may be uneven.  Ramps and steps may be involved, but such walks can be avoided for guests with reduced mobility.  Longer walks can be planned for those that are interested and acclimated to higher elevations.  Due to park regulations, we can not provide extensive guided hiking.  Swimming is available but is recommended only on warm days and towels are not provided. 
Delays Possible Delays
Please be prepared for possible travel delays as a result of animal crossings, slow moving traffic, and route changes due to your personal interests and needs along the way.  Because delays are possible, it is recommended that you plan to have dinner at least one hour after the scheduled return time.
Communication Phone Service
Cell phones may not always transmit from remote locations, therefore please be prepared for VERY limited cell phone coverage in both National Parks. Emergency phone calls can be made at various locations throughout the parks at pay telephones. 
Cancellations Cancellation Policy
Please see “summer tour rates” for cancellation policy and additional charges.
(fun facts:  On average there are 2,000 earthquakes in the Yellowstone area each year.  One of the largest was in 1959 measuring 7.8 on the Richter Scale, which was felt over an 8 state area and caused a sudden surge of hydrothermal energy.)
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