Summer Season: May - Nov
Daily Departure Times:  
FULL DAY TOURS: 7:30am... destinations including Yellowstone (10-12hrs), Grand Teton (8hrs) and the Wolf Grizzly Center (12hrs)
HALF-DAY TOURS: 7:30am or 1pm...  including Grand Teton (5hrs) and Family Fun Day (length varies)
WILDLIFE TOURS: 4:30pm or 5pm... Sunrise, sunset and Evening with Elk (Oct/Sept)
CUSTOMIZED/PRIVATE or OVERNIGHT TOURS: Please inquire about special arrangements & departure times.
Pick up/Drop off: Your hotel or other requested location in Jackson Hole.










Yellowstone National Park (YSNP)

Yellowstone National Park was once know as “Wonderland”, where, waterfalls shot upside down, smoke poured from the ground, and mountains were made of glass.  As the world’s first National Park, Yellowstone preserves stunning views of dramatic rivers and waterfalls, hydrothermal activity, vast mountain lakes, deep river canyons, abundant wildlife, and fire‘s rebirth.  As the home of the world’s largest geyser and largest volcanic system in the world, Yellowstone peaks curiosities, even to the non-scientist.

Yellowstone’s roadways can be described as two loops, making a figure “8”, with five entrance branches.  The “Lower Loop”, which is in closest proximity to Jackson Hole, incorporates southern and central areas of the park with the Geyser Basin, Canyon and Yellowstone Lakeareas. The “Upper Loop”, incorporates the northern parts of the park with Mammoth Hot Springs, Roosevelt, and Lamar Valley
With Grand Teton National Park (GTNP) located with YSNP to the north and Jackson to the south, all YSNP tours originating from Jackson, pass through GTNP.

For a tour route map with photos see:Yellowstone National Park map (PDF)
For road map of YSNP see: http://www.nps.gov/archive/yell/interactivemap/index.htm
For a map of Wyoming see:http://www.nps.gov/grte/planyourvisit/maps.htm
Old Faithful Live Web Cam:http://www.nps.gov/yell/photosmultimedia/yellowstonelive.htm

Yellowstone Tour Options (see descriptions below)

  1. PARTIAL Lower Loop (10 hrs) - Canyon OR Geyser Basin areas
  2. COMPLETE Lower Loop (11.5 hrs) - BOTH Canyon & Geyser Basin areas
  3. Lower Loop with Grand Teton National Park (13 hrs)
  4. Geyser Area and Wildlife Center (11-13 hrs)
  5. Backcountry Lake with Grand Teton National Park (11.5 hrs)
  6. Upper & Lower Loop (Multi-day)

1. Partial YSNP Lower Loop Tour - approx 10 hrs:  Choose either either the Geyser Basin or the Canyon route.  1-2 stops in Grand Teton National Park also included.
The Geyser Basin route of the Lower Loop (western side), will highlight distant views of majestic YS Lake, the famous Old Faithful Geyser, a tour of the historic Old Faithful Inn, and other hydrothermal features (small geysers, bubbling mud and colorful microbes).
The Canyon route of the Lower Loop route (eastern side), will highlight the expansive Yellowstone Lake (largest high elevation lake in North America), the dramatic and colorful Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone (stunning waterfalls), Hayden Valley (reputation as North America's Serengeti), and a brief stop at a lesser know hot spring area. 

 2. Complete Lower Loop Tour - approx 11.5 hrs:  This tour incorporates the entire Lower Loop park, including the best of both the Geyser Basin and Canyon routes.  The complete lower loop offers the largest variety of YSNP sights with minimal backtracking.

3. Lower Loop with GTNP Bonus Tour - approx 13 hrs:  This tour travels the lower loop, as described above, and incorporates 3 extra GTNP stops, including a stroll along String Lake and a stop at the scenic Jenny Lake Lookout.  For those with very limited time in Jackson Hole, this tour offers and overview of both parks in one day.

4.  Geyser Basin area & Wildlife Center – duration varies, 10-13 hours depending on options.  Wildlife Center highlights Wolf & Grizzly bears and is located in West Yellowstone Montana.  Please see Wildlife Center tour page 

5.  Backcountry Lake & GTNP – approx 11.5 hours:  This tour incorporates a Grand Teton National Park highlight tour as well as a private boat trip across Lewis Lake to Shoshone Lake.   Please see Lake Experience tour page

6. Upper and Lower Loops in Multiple days:  From Jackson, the YSNP lower loop covers over 250 miles and the upper loop is approximately 150 miles to the north.  For a more relaxed experience, several touring days and/or an overnight stay in the park is highly recommended.  Please contact us for tour design ideas appropriate for your group and schedule.  Please see “special interests” and “multiple days” web pages for additional information.

(fun facts:  Yellowstone is the world’s first National Park and contains one of the largest active volcanoes in the world and the largest geyser in the world.)