Summer Season: May - Nov
Daily Departure Times:  
FULL DAY TOURS: 7:30am... destinations including Yellowstone (10-12hrs), Grand Teton (8hrs) and the Wolf Grizzly Center (12hrs)
HALF-DAY TOURS: 7:30am or 1pm...  including Grand Teton (5hrs) and Family Fun Day (length varies)
WILDLIFE TOURS: 4:30pm or 5pm... Sunrise, sunset and Evening with Elk (Oct/Sept)
CUSTOMIZED/PRIVATE or OVERNIGHT TOURS: Please inquire about special arrangements & departure times.
Pick up/Drop off: Your hotel or other requested location in Jackson Hole.












An Evening with Bison & Elk

This tour is offered to those who wish to experience the Bison and Elk during the fall mating season.   Especially intriguing is the behavior of the elk, as male bulls gather their harems and signal to their challengers with a “bugle” sound.   This is a late afternoon tour, offered during the elk-rutting season (Sept/Oct).

Evening with the Elk Tour - approx 4 hrs (EE): 
The tour begins with an afternoon drive to look for bison and view the setting sun silhouetting the magnificent Teton Range.  The tour continues by enjoying the final twilight hours, at the base of the Tetons while looking for elk.  Elk “bugling” can be enjoyed from the warmth of the vehicle parked along the roadside or experienced in surround sound, after a brief walk away from distractions to a secluded meadow.  For those choosing the evening walk, participants are encouraged to bring very warm clothing, but flashlights, and hot drinks will be provided.  Wine service can be accommodated.  Educational samples, such as horns, antlers, fur, rubber footprints, reference books, are available for hands on discussions.

The tour spans approximately between the hours of 5pm- 9pm, with departure time varying depending on pick-up location and forecasted sunset. 


(fun facts:  During mating season, the male elk typically gather between 12 and 60cows/yearlings/calves for their harem.  The strongest males, however, are often the first to die in winter.)