Winter Season: Dec-Mar
Daily Departure Times:  
HALF-DAY TOURS: 9am or 1pm...  including Wildlife Experience (4hrs) and Snowshoe (4hrs)
CUSTOMIZED/PRIVATE or OVERNIGHT TOURS: Please inquire about special arrangements & departure times.
YELLOWSTONE in the winter please inquire about vacation planning services
Pick up/Drop off: Your hotel or other requested location in Jackson Hole.






Snowshoe Walk

Crossing Creek

Snowshoe Camp


Elk Refuge Sleigh Ride







Wildlife Snowshoe Adventure

Jackson Hole is one of the few remaining areas in the U.S.
where native wildlife roams abundantly and free! 
For an ultimate vacation event, experience the winter home of Jackson Hole’s wildlife through nature’s serene beauty and get some fresh air and a riverside meal along the way. 

* private drive to the protected wildlife habitats near Jackson
* guided snowshoe walk through a serene and secluded landscape
* delicious cuisine, a warm teepee and spectacular surroundings
Most certainly, an adventure to remember that you cannot duplicate on your own.  Perfectly suited to families and all ability levels.

Wildlife Snowshoe Adventure
Jackson’s Wildlife Habitat
We’ll first Jackson Hole is one of the few remaining areas in the U.S. where native wildlife roams abundantly and free!  We’ll first drive to popular wildlife habitats in the Jackson area, concentrating our search on moose, bison, big horn sheep, and trumpeter swans.   You will be able to see them even closer with binoculars and a spotting scope available on-board.  Educational samples, such as horns, antlers, fur, rubber footprints, reference books, will be available for hands-on discussion.

Alternative:   A horse-drawn sleigh ride in the National Elk Refuge, where experienced guides/drivers steer close to the to the majestic animals, which migrate annually to this unique and protected landscape.  
See the Winter Wildlife Experience Tour for more sleigh ride information.

Guided Snowshoe Walk
The tour includes travel to a pristine private parcel in the valley, where you will be outfitted and instructed on the use of authentic wooden snowshoes, which will provide access over the fluffy landscape.  A short, guided hike through the Cottonwood forest, brings us to the banks for the Snake River and spectacular views of the surrounding snowy mountains.  Our journey takes us through the home of elk, moose, deer, river otters and coyote, whose tracks and occasional sightings are a treat.  We also regularly see bald eagles, trumpeter swans, and a wide array of waterfowl flying overhead. 

Delicious Cuisine Surrounded by Nature
Our destination provides hot beverages at a tranquil riverside sitting area. 
A fire pit and/or a delightfully warm teepee may be provided. 
For morning walks, snacks such as beef jerky, energy bars, snack mix are provided. 
For lunch excursions, hot homemade soup and grilled sandwiches complete the day. 
Moonlight and evening trips feature hors d’oeuvres, steak or salmon entree and dessert.  The hike out under the light of the evening winter sky is what vacation memories are made of.

NOTE:   We apologize that we are not licensed to provide alcoholic beverages, such as wine and peppermint schnapps.   You may provide your own and a liquor store stop can be accommodated en-route while on the tour. 


Tour Options to suit your interests
A.M. Snowshoe Walk, Snack & Wildlife Drive
Morning snowshoeing for approximately 1hr to a scenic rest spot for mid-morning snacks; then return by snowshoes to the vehicle for a 2 hr mid-day wildlife drive; and finally return to lodging in the early afternoon, in time for a late lunch or early dinner on your own.

A.M. Wildlife Drive, Snowshoe Walk & Lunch
Morning wildlife drive for approximately 2hrs; then snowshoeing for approximately 1 hour to a warm fire and/or teepee for a hearty lunch;  and finally completing the tour with a snowshoe return to vehicle for transportation back to lodging.

P.M. Wildlife Drive, Snow-shoe Walk & Dinner
Afternoon wildlife drive for approximately 2hrs; then snowshoeing for approximately 1 hour to the dinner camp for the sunset glow with a warm fire and/or teepee; and finally completing the tour with a peaceful snowshoe return to vehicle for transportation back to lodging.

Elk Refuge Sleigh Ride
This option can be incorporated into any snowshoe tour listed above, either as an alternative to the wildlife drive or as an extra feature with hours added to the tour length. 


Time Schedule
A.M. Snowshoe, Snack & Wildlife 9:am departure / 2:30pm return = 5½ hrs
A.M. Wildlife, Snowshoe & Lunch 9:am departure / 3:30pm return = 6½ hrs
P.M. Wildlife, Snowshoe & Dinner 12:30pm departure / 8:pm return = 7½ hrs


(fun facts:  Although archaeologists have not been able to determine when the snowshoe was first used, they have found that snowshoes were used over 12,000 years ago.  And about 6,000 years ago people living in Central Asia used snowshoes to migrate east and west.  They were perfected by the Northern American Indians, and many of the designs were larger versions of animals’ feet, such as a bear paw or a moose hoof. The first snow shoes were made by simply strapping fir boughs onto the bottoms of feet. Traditional show shoes, used by Indians and Mountain Men were made of bent wood and sinew.  And today, modern snowshoes are made of lightweight materials like aluminum, plastic resins and rubber.  Snowshoes work by distributing weight over a larger area, putting less pressure on the snow surface.)